Battlefield 4: Update disponibile su Xbox 360 e PS3

DICE ha rilasciato una patch per la versione PS3 e Xbox 360 di Battlefield 4, attraverso la quale vengono risolti diversi problemi tecnici legati alla modalità multigiocatore. Di seguito tutti i dettagli 

Console Server Update (PS3/X360)

  • During the Nov 13 maintenance window mentioned above, we will roll out the latest server update for X360 and PS3. This server update will include the following fixes:
  • Temporarily disabled the “Indirect Fire” and “Perimeter Defense” Field Upgrades on PS3 as they caused the game to crash when spawning. This is a temporary workaround while we work to solve the issue altogether.
  • Fixed a number of dog tags that were showing up as blank in-game.
  • Lowered the damage caused by Mobile AA Active Radar missiles to aircraft. The previous damage was incorrectly set too high.
  • Improved server crash reporting and performance tracking on all platforms. This should further help us identify and fix server crashes going forward.