I test per Halo:The Master Chief collection vengono posticipati

Non c’è una data precisa, ma è in arrivo.

Il primo test pubblico per la collection sarebbe dovuto avvenire questo mese, ma il community director Brian Jarrard, dopo aver parlato di un possibile ritardo, lo ha confermato.

“I know excitement and anticipation is off the charts and everyone here inside the studio shares it as well,” he wrote in a Halo Insiders update. “But this is a really complicated project and we all agree that quality trumps everything else and we need to bring MCC to PC at the bar Halo fans and PC players expect and demand.”

“One of the team’s main priorities to support PC flighting is getting the mouse/keyboard controls feeling as good as possible and there’s been good progress on that front,” he wrote. “Some key things are still coming together though—for example, in yesterday’s playtest build, the full UI and functionality to remap keys isn’t in yet so if you want to change defaults, it requires launching a separate application. That works for now, but isn’t a viable experience for any kind of external flighting.” 

L’unica cosa che rimane possibile fare è aspettare nuove notizie da 343 Industries, che sicuramente non tarderanno ad arrivare.


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