Crysis 3: Nuovo update per il multiplayer disponibile su tutte le piattaforme

Crytek ha pubblicato un update per Crysis 3, su tutte le piattafomre, dedicato al comparto multigiocatore del FPS. Di seguito tutti i dettagli della patch

  • Recoil adjusted on some weapons to fix unintended behaviour after Patch 1.4
  • Increased laser beam visibility
  • Fixed issue where zoomed HMG’s had no recoil
  • Fixed issue where some weapons with Aim Enhance Tier 3 and a Muzzlebrake had no recoil
  • Weapon balance tweaks
  • Rhino range slightly reduced
  • Kvolt accuracy increased
  • OGR damage slightly increased
  • LTAG clip size increased by one and max ammo +2
  • Jackal damage slightly increased