Disponibile patch 1.2 di Star Wars Battlefront II

DICE ed Electronic Arts hanno reso disponibile la patch 1.2 per Star Wars Battlefront II, introducendo una serie di enormi novità sull’aspetto tecnico del gioco.

Sono stati infatti migliorati tutti quei lati di bilanciamento, dagli eroi alle armi, dove era di facile intuizione comprendere come alcuni siano effettivamente più imponenti di altri.

Nel dettaglio (in inglese):

Heroes and Villains Balancing:

Boba Fett
We’ve made a substantial change to the way Boba Fett’s jet pack feels when flying. We think you’re going to love the increased maneuverability! Furthermore, we improved his efficiency at distance with the EE-3. Previously, it could be frustrating to try to shoot with the EE-3’s high dispersion, especially while flying. As a result, we improved the EE-3 in a few areas and we hope this will combine with the jetpack changes to make Boba Fett even more fun to use on the battlefront.

  • Jet Pack – Jet Pack controllability improved
  • EE-3 – Reduced the minimum dispersion angle from 0.6 to 0.4
  • EE-3 – Reduced the maximum dispersion angle from 1.2 to 0.8
  • EE-3 – Increased End Damage from 20 to 25
  • Increased damage drop-off start distance from 15 to 20 meters

Iden Versio
We’ve heard your feedback that Iden’s Droid Stun was very difficult to predict. We’ve made it much snappier and feel this should be a significant improvement to Iden, even though the droid’s damage has been slightly reduced.

  • Fixed an issue where Iden’s Droid Stun didn’t give damage on the first attack
  • Droid Stun – Reduced the time between the ability activation and shock
  • Reduced the damage from 50 to 40

Bossk’s Relby V-10 had a somewhat awkwardly high recoil. We reduced it a bit while adjusting the animation to make it feel more responsive. We also reduced the damage output of the Explosive Traps as we felt it was a bit too high. The Multi-Trap Star Card values were incorrect and the Epic Star Card could increase the radius of the damage past what was listed on the card. This unintentionally lead to Bossk having very high AoE damage.

  • Relby V-10 – Reduced recoil from 5 to 2.2
  • Explosive Traps – Reduced damage from 80 to 76 per trap
  • Multi-Trap – Fixed the Blast Damage Radius to fit the star cards numbers

Rey’s signature Ability Insight had an incredible range and could go as far as 75 meters when paired with certain Star Cards. This was a bit too much and we’ve decided to reduce it drastically. We’ll monitor how this change affects Rey’s performance.

  • Mind Control – Reduced Mind Control radius from 20 to 18 meters
  • Insight – Reduced Insight radius from 50 to 30
  • Far Sight – Reduced bonus by 10% (now 10, 20, 30, 40%)

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren had two of his Abilities on a 25 second timer, effectively making him less efficient and fun to play than other characters. As such, we reduced the cooldown for Pull and Freeze. We also felt he needed some damage absorption while being close to his targets, so we gave him some while Frenzy is active.

  • Pull – Reducing Pull recharge time from 25 to 20 seconds
  • Freeze – Reducing Freeze recharge time from 25 to 24 seconds
  • Frenzy – Kylo Ren now has 40% damage absorption while Frenzy is active

Luke Skywalker
We heard your wishes to have Luke traverse faster so we increased his sprint speed as much as possible without breaking the animation. Related to that update, we decided to push Luke more towards a “Hit & Run” game style. He’ll quickly jump into a skirmish and then bounce out to regain health before heading off for the next battle.

  • Increased Luke’s sprint speed by .6 meters/second
  • Increased Luke Health from 700 to 750
  • Increased Health Regeneration rate from 50 to 110
  • Decreased Regeneration delay from 5 to 2.7
  • Decreased Max Regeneration amount from 250 to 200

Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine now requires line of sight on his target to trigger damage with his Dark Aura and default Lightning ability. Both abilities will no longer go through obstacles and walls. While we loved the fantasy fulfillment there, the frustration of not knowing what was damaging you was too high for us not to act on.

  • Lightning – Increased reach of the ability from 12 to 14 meters to compensate for the tighter collision check

Chewbacca had one of the longest stun duration abilities in the game and it made him quite powerful. However, we wanted the stun to be a bit more tactical, so we reduced the duration.

  • Stun Grenade – Reduced the shock time from 1.6 to 1 second
  • Reduced Bowcaster side projectiles explosive damage from 25 to 21
  • Reduced furious Bowcaster side projectiles explosive damage from 12 to 10

Yoda’s lightsaber attacks were very weak compared to all other lightsaber wielders, so we have increased his attack damage significantly to bring him on par with the others. Additionally, in an effort to make Yoda feel more true to character, we’ve made a change to his Barrier ability. It now will break immobilizing effects upon activation.

  • Lightsaber – Increased damage from 80 to 115
  • Barrier – Added the functionality to break out of immobilizing effects on activation
  • Unleash – Increased energy holding time from 0.7 to 0.9 seconds
  • Unleash – Increased angle from 40 to 45 degrees.
  • Unleash – Increased first tier damage from 100 to 110, second tier damage from 125 to 130, third tier damage from 150 to 160, and fourth tier damage from 175 to 190

Lando Calrissian
We felt that Lando needed a boost to increase his effectiveness against lightsaber users. The best tool he had against them had a 25-second cooldown. To combat this, we significantly reduced the cooldown of Disruptor and of Smoke Grenade.

  • Disruptor – Reduced recharge time of disruptor from 25 to 19 seconds
  • Smoke Grenade – Reduced recharge time from 15 to 14 seconds

Darth Vader
We changed how Choke works in order to simplify comprehension for the player that is Darth Vader and for their target. In an effort to also make Darth Vader more “tanky” we granted him a health bonus when activating Focused Rage.

  • Focused Rage – Vader now receives 200 temporary bonus health when activating the Focused Rage ability
  • Reduced max health from 900 to 800

Captain Phasma
We took notice of your feedback regarding the utility of Captain Phasma’s staff. We are improving it so that it feels faster and more fluid when used.

  • Staff Strikes – Increased the animation speed of the ability
  • Staff Strikes – Increased the transition speed between each strike
  • Increased how quickly Captain Phasma can use her blaster after performing a Staff Strike
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