Disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento per i membri preview Xbox One

Microsoft ha da poco inserito un nuovo aggiornamento su Xbox One per tutti coloro che sono membri preview. L’update va a migliorare alcune delle feature che erano state implementate con aggiornamenti precedenti.

Ecco nel dettaglio la serie di miglioramenti:


• Home When installing a game or app, the install progress on the game or app’s dashboard tile should not be correctly displayed.

• Dashboard The featured tiles in the Community section should now be actionable.

• Clubs Non-members should no longer encounter a “Something went wrong” error when invited to a Hidden Club party.

• Guide When selecting “You might like” under Parties, you should no longer encounter an error.

• Background Audio Background Audio should no longer stop when launching the power menu.


• Settings Users with a console set to use Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language may be unable to access View details & customize under Privacy & online safety > Xbox Live privacy in Settings. Workaround: View details & customize Live privacy settings on Xbox.com.

• Xbox Universal Store When using Cortana to search the store for genres (ie. “Hey Cortana, search the Store for Horror”, search results fail to populate. Workaround: Search for genres via text.

• Notifications When receiving voice messages from another user, you may not receive a notification.

• Clubs When viewing Clubs, you may still see the option to start a Club Party even if you are not a Club member.

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