Nuove informazioni e trailer di debutto per Dragon Quest Heroes II

Tramite il sito Gematsu, siamo riusciti a estrapolare tutte le novità e informazioni inerenti a Dragon Quest Heroes II rilasciati durante un broadcasting. Oltre alle informazioni, alla notizia abbiamo allegato il trailer di debutto rilasciato dalla Square Enix.

Di seguito trovate tutte le informazioni estrapolate da Gematsu:

Game Flow

The game flow consists of town, field, and battle stages.

Expansive Fields

  • There are various terrains, including grasslands, forests, deserts, and snow fields. When you enter the field, you’ll move towards a destination.
  • Since the fields are so vast, you can warp from one place to another with Waystones.
  • There are a variety of places to drop by on the way to your destination, including sealed areas that are only unlocked when certain conditions are met.
  • The concept of weather exists. Enemies may change based on the weather, and magic may be more or less powerful.
  • There are enemy encounters that seamlessly transition into battle (draw your sword, return it to its sheathe).
  • You can dash by holding R2.
  • You can find materials and treasure chests.
  • There are field quests that can suddenly occur.

The Adventurer’s Base: The Main Country Zebion

  • There is a weapons and armor shop, alchemy pot, and place to take on quests.
  • There is Luida’s Bar (to manage your party).
  • There is Rikka’s Inn (the multiplayer reception desk).
  • There is the Dharma Priest (to change the protagonists’ jobs). Jobs include soldier, martial artist, magician, priest, and thief. Each job has various weapons it can equip. Skills will also change.
  • There is a costume-change counter.
  • etc. etc.


  • Weapons have a concept of dexterity, and by using a weapon for a long time, you can learn the skills that come with it.

Co-Op Multiplayer (Up to Four Players)

  • You can cooperatively play “Story Battles” with friends.
  • There is a multiplayer exclusive dungeon called the “Space-Time Labyrinth.”

Cross-Play and Cross-Save

Cross-play multiplayer across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita is supported, as well as cross-save across the three platforms.

Free Downloadable Characters

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below playable characters Luceus, Aurora, Doric, Isla, Nera, Bianca, Yangus, and Psaro will be released as free downloadable content. It should be noted that these characters do not appear in the story and can only be used in multiplayer.


Carver is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto.

Save Data Import Bonuses

  • Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below – Luceus and Aurora costumes.
  • Dragon Quest Builders – “Builders’ Mallet” weapon.

First-Print Copies

First-print copies will include Dragon Quest I costumes for Razel and Teresia, and a “Genki Dama” item for use in the game. For Dragon Quest Builders players, it will also include a recipe to build a Healix statue in the game.

Square Enix e-Store Limited Edition

A Square Enix e-Store-exclusive “Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Monster Coin Set” limited edition including a copy of the game and three sets of monster coins will be sold for 9,300 yen on PlayStation 4 and 8,300 yen on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita.

Box Art

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Next Live Stream

A “Cast Announcement Broadcast” will be live streamed via Niconico on April 8 at 15:00 Japan time.

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