Season pass per Assassin’s Creed 3

Ubisoft starebbe pianificando il rilascio di diversi contenuti aggiuntivi in seguito al lancio di Assassin’s Creed 3. Inoltre Ubisoft vorrebbe rilasciare un Season Pass per l’action/adventure in arrivo per Xbox 360, PS3, PC e successivamente Wii U. A confermare questa ipotesi ci pensa una lettera inviato dallo stesso team di sviluppo ai negozi della catena Gamestop.

Hi Team GameStop!

First thing’s first – a BIG thank you for helping us ASSASSINATE our announcement pre-order goals! We couldn’t have done it without your hard work. As a token of our appreciation, inside is an exclusive necklace from the  Assassin’s Creed  team in recognition for all you do!

What’s next? We are currently in the process of creating a complementary development team that will begin working on post-launch episodic content to continue the Game of the Year experience that  Assassin’s Creed 3  will undoubtedly deliver. With a dedicated team specifically to this content we plan to set the bar for quality DLC in our industry.

We know you’re familiar with the “Season Pass” concept and, beginning shortly, we’ll start to take pre-orders of our very own. We’d love your continued assistance in informing pre-order customers that a better value is available for thsoe who-preorder  Assassin’s Creed  with the “Season Pass”.

Once again, thank you for everything and we’ll be in touch soon.

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