Svelati i trofei di Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment

E’ finalmente disponibile la lista ufficiale dei trofei che saranno presenti all’interno di Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment. I trofei sono solamente in inglese visto che il gioco non verrà localizzato nella nostra lingua.
Bronzo :
  • No Fury Like a Horn Scorned – Defeat the 83rd floor boss.
  • Not a Legacy to Stand On – Defeat the 82nd floor boss.
  • Knightfall – Defeat the 81st floor boss.
  • Hollowed Out: Selvendys Forest – Defeat the Selvendys Forest boss.
  • Hollowed Out: Bastia Gate – Defeat the Bastia Gate boss.
  • Beater – Clear the tutorial.
  • Hollowed Out: Driogeer Skycaves – Defeat the Driogeer Skycaves boss.
  • Hollowed Out: Alevaste Otherworld – Defeat the Alevaste Otherworld boss.
  • Hollowed Out: Administration Area – Defeat the Administration Area boss.
  • Wow… – Defeat PoH.
  • The Shadow – Defeat Hollow Kirito.
  • Congratulations, Kirito – Defeat the last boss on the 100th floor.
  • Cut down to Scythe – Defeat the 80th floor boss.
  • Lords of Hell – Defeat the 99th floor boss.
  • Astral Quaking in His Boots – Defeat the 79th floor boss.
  • None the Kaiser – Defeat the 98th floor boss.
  • Regular at the Smithy – Successfully enhance a weapon 200 times.
  • Not Today – Defeat the 97th floor boss.
  • The Lightning Flash – Reach maximum affinity with Asuna.
  • Once Upon a Time in Aincrad – Defeat the 96th floor boss.
  • The Beast Tamer – Reach maximum affinity with Silica.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes – Defeat the 95th floor boss.
  • The Master Macer – Reach maximum affinity with Lisbeth.
  • Blazed Away – Defeat the 94th floor boss.
  • The Fairy – Reach maximum affinity with Leafa.
  • Creeper Hit – Defeat the 93rd floor boss.
  • The Sniper – Reach maximum affinity with Sinon.
  • Bringing Order to Chaos – Defeat the 92nd floor boss.
  • The Treasure Hunter – Reach maximum affinity with Philia.
  • Gazed and Confused – Defeat the 91st floor boss.
  • Locking Horns – Defeat the 78th floor boss.
  • Overruled – Defeat the 90th floor boss.
  • Claw on the Floor – Defeat the 77th floor boss.
  • Foul Play – Defeat the 89th floor boss.
  • That’s What Makes MMOs that Use a Level System So Unfair – Take Kirito up to level 200 or higher.
  • Batting an Eye – Defeat the 88th floor boss.
  • Col Tycoon – Earn a hundred million Col.
  • Radiance Beater – Defeat the 87th floor boss.
  • Thank You for Playing – Complete the game with over 100 hours of play time.
  • The King Is (Un)dead, Long Live the King – Defeat the 86th floor boss.
  • Party Play Isn’t So Bad – Participate in multiplayer games for over 20 hours.
  • Despite All His Rage – Defeat the 85th floor boss.
  • A Ghastly Hazing – Defeat the 76th floor boss.
  • Queen for a Slay – Defeat the 84th floor boss.
  • Put to the Test – Defeat the boss of the high-difficulty test area.
  • Hollowed Out: Graceleaf Bay – Defeat the Graceleaf Bay boss.
Argento :
  • Memories – Complete all galleries.
  • It’s Not What It Looks Like! – Reach maximum affinity with all heroines.
  • High-Ranking Tester – Clear a set number of elements on the Implementation List.
  • Debug Complete – Clear a set number of Hollow Missions.
  • No One Left Behind – Clear the game without losing any Assault Team members.
  • Beta Tester – Obtain all last attack bonuses.
  • This Is a Game, But It Isn’t Something You Play – Defeat 100 HNM-class monsters in multiplayer.
  • The Absolute Sword – Defeat Yuuki.
  • Obtain all trophies. – Obtain all trophies
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