Nuovo aggiornamento per Minecraft Edizione per Xbox 360

4J Studios ha annunciato l’arrivo di un nuovo aggiornamento per l’edizione Xbox 360 di Minecraft. Le aggiunte saranno numerosissime e riguarderanno nuove skin e nuovi oggetti. L’aggiornamento eliminerà anche alcuni bug presenti nel gioco, come il mitico Herobrine. Il team di sviluppo ha anche promesso di introdurre a breve la adventure mode, non disperate!

• Added Pistons & Sticky Pistons.
• Added Stackable fences.
• Added Shears – required to get wool from sheep, and to collect leaf blocks.
• TNT needs Flint and Steel or Redstone to detonate.
• Redstone wire will now connect to a repeater.
• New textures for Cobblestone and Brick.
• Added Character Skin Selector to allow players to choose their skin from the default skins, or from Downloadable Content skin packs.
• Added lighting improvements (brought forward from 1.8.2 update) and snow & rain improvements.
• Added a save file cache to improve the speed of displaying the saves list.
• Added ban list functionality to allow players to self-ban from levels they feel contain offensive content.
• Added a ban list section to the How To Play menus.
• Added an option for the host to limit online games to only players in their friends list (no friends of friends).
• Added a seed display to the level load screen (requires existing levels to be saved out again to add the display).
• Changed the tooltip display setting to in-game tooltip display, so that tooltips always display in menus.
• Added the crosshair to the list of things affected by the opacity slider.
• On using the quickselect bar, the opacity of the quickselect, tooltips, splitscreen gamertag display, and crosshair will be set to 80,
• and will fade back down to the user opacity setting after 6 seconds of no quickselect bar use.
• Added some more Tips & Trivia to the loading/saving screen display.
• Tutorial World changes & additions:-
• Added optional tutorial for Pistons and Redstone.
• Added a self-building bridge to the castle using Pistons.
• Added some sugar cane, cactii and clay to the world.
• Added a few other things for players to discover.

• Fix for only the host being shown the pop-up when any player attempts to place lava near the spawn point.
• Fixed tooltip for Flint and Steel.
• Fix for Note blocks not showing notes.
• Fix for Leaderboard reads taking too long.
• Fix to block players re-entering a level they have been kicked from, until the level is restarted.
• Fix to stop players being able to join a game when they are not a friend of any player in the game.
• Fix for Netherracks re-appearing after being mined.
• Fix for a rare crash on entering the Nether.
• Fix for attacking enemies at a different level not damaging them.
• Fixed a problem causing some save games not to load.
• Removed Herobrine.

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